Bravo Sara Firth

yellow-ribbonA British based journalist working for Russian news service RT (Russia Today) has quit in disgust over the lies she has been asked to report over the downing of Malaysian Airelines 17. Take a bow Sara Firth.

Western Australia lost 7 innocent souls on that plane including 3 young children.


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6 responses to “Bravo Sara Firth

  1. Rip to those who lost their lives so tragically. I’m so disgusted by the world events lately. They ‘ve lost the fcuking plot I swear. Ironically my son was on his way to Poland , in the air when it happened and even though it’s not that flying space an ugly soul sickening feeling came over me but he’s fine and is headed for Prague now, His band is playing at the music festival in Europe for a few weeks so let’s hope he’s be ok. He doesn’t really like flying but knows he doesn’t have a choice as it’s along way to drive. Those poor people and all the grieving family members. So so friggin sad.

  2. RIP to all the lost souls. I hang my head in shame to be a member of the human race. Sick World we have created. Smart we are not….I congratulate Sara Firth for not willing to report the lies so often created for financial gain to the TV networks and Newspapers moguls. Sick bastards…pass the bucket please…

  3. The world lost more than we can know, top Aids researchers were on this flight, setting back research for the cure. People from many nations, which will likely raise the stakes overall, with nations calling for retribution. It is a terrible time we live in.

  4. When this happened I was watching CNN International. The news ticker kept saying, “so far no Americans confirmed on board.” I’m American.

    I thought, “Why does it matter where they were from, they’re people.”

    Not sure their motive.

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