Not Again!

Oh dear, seems Malaysian Airlines have just flown over another war zone, this time Syria!! This according to Flightradar app…..



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9 responses to “Not Again!

  1. susi spice

    U can’t possibly be advocating that Russia and the Ukraine separatists are blameless.. Are you loon??

  2. Thrill seekers? With wars raging throughout the middle east, one can’t get to Europe from the southern hemisphere anymore without flying over the war zones. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan….The world as we once knew it is forever gone. Thank you Bush family for cranking it all up to keep your arsenal factories going. war makes money for you after all. You piece of shit.

  3. MA needs to update their GPS maps.

  4. Why fly into a war zone? Obviously the airlines
    don’t want to fork out for extra fuel, shame on them…

  5. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is obvius that wot is going on heer is malaysia airlines is beehind all of theez troubles and they ar flying over it to admire there handiwurk!!! cant sumbuddy stop them??? ok bye

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