I always ask this question. Awks. In my defence, I ask it to everyone. Oh come on , when I lived overseas this was usually the first question everyone asked me…. fairs, fair.


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5 responses to “Guilty

  1. I’m from chocolate land.

  2. That was soo funny. I have a Japanese/Scottish friend and she’s friggin odd. Ocker accent and shuffles like a Geisha. When we worked at the Chartered Accountants she was a never ending source of amusement I swear. Her mother is Yoshi and her name is Linda Mc Mahon.!!!! Her father was Rupert Hamer’s Press Secretery and broad as the day he left Scotland. She is such and odd combo.

  3. That’s hilarious!

    My ancestry is Irish and Cherokee on my dad’s side, and English and German on my mom’s–even more confusing!

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