Well That Takes The Cake

My bad?

My bad?

OMG, a four year old has been banned from a doughnut shop in Connecticut because …wait for it… he asked a random woman if she had a “baby in her belly?” Awks. Seems she was just fat. The mother of the precious little snowflake said the next time they went to the shop the manager told her her child was not welcome because he was “rude”. Oh for crying out loud, when I was a little loon I asked a man at a restuarant why didn’t he have any hair!


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6 responses to “Well That Takes The Cake

  1. While waiting in a supermarket queue my nephew Kyle asked a guy why he had girl’s hair. He did had a ponytail !!! That’s kids for ya lol

  2. I was very disappointed with this post. I thought it was about cake!

  3. susi spice

    Guess the baker has to protect his business. How else will he pay for his children’s ivy league college tuition if his best customers go on a diet?! Lol

  4. For the love of cupcakes. Really, banning a 4 year old for a perfectly legitimate question. Good grief.

  5. These bratty kids have huge potential for hurting people’s feelings. I was queuing at a checkout here in Launceston about a year or so ago, just me, my wife & my ruggedly handsome & manly shaved head. A little boy/hurtful brat at the next checkout said/yelled to his Mum “Look mummy, that man’s got no hair!!!”. The mother told him, “Shhh… don’t be rude” then he replied “But he hasn’t!!!”
    I fully sympathise with the non-preggers fat cow

    • Forgot to say he also pointed at me so nobody was in doubt who he was referring to.
      But I’m not bitter… much…
      Damn brat!!! I hope he goes bald before he’s 16!!!! sob, sob, sob…

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