Hot Line to Hell

priestThis is not what you want. A Polish priest is being harassed by the devil on his cell phone after a failed exorcism on a girl. Yep, Satan has been texting him nasty little messages via the girl. The priest believes that the devil has possessed her soul and is now taunting him via her phones. Oh yes Loons, he is responding to the texts.

Psst The priest should ask him if it is hot there!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Well I Never

8 responses to “Hot Line to Hell

  1. Seems the priests texts are landing up on Julie Bishops MP phone???? Why does that not surprise me….moving on now…

  2. perhaps he needs an intervention

  3. should have exorcised her phone too

  4. Did the text come from 0666 666 666

  5. Red

    That has got to be a technology break through. Cell coverage in hell must be expensive.

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