This Was How The Cookie Crumbled

angry manYour roomie mows into your Chips Ahoy cookies without asking, what do you do? Well, if you were an ill tempered sweet toothed Illinois dude you would grab her around the throat with both hands and throw her into the bath tub and attempt to strangle her. Luckily the woman’s hubby and landlord heard the carry-on and came to her rescue. That’s an attempted murder and aggravated domestic battery charge right there.

Psst  Seriously? The only cookie to die for is a mint slice.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Sore Loser

4 responses to “This Was How The Cookie Crumbled

  1. Anonymous

    I would kill for Tim Tam….

  2. Well it was for Chips Ahoy…

  3. I would not kill for a cookie, for dark chocolate though oh yeah it would be on.

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