Can You Hear The Lambs Clarice?

asianSo what’s for lunch? Well, if you are Chau Hoi-leung it is probably your parents with rice! Egads, the spoiled 30 year old was furious when his parents told him he should get a job. So he and his buddy invited them over to Hoi-leung’s (parent funded) flat in Hong Kong before killing them, cutting them up and then eating them with rice. The leftovers, including the heads, were stored in large refrigerators. When quizzed by police he said his parents were to blame because they no longer wanted to fund his lavish lifestyle.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Gross

5 responses to “Can You Hear The Lambs Clarice?

  1. Guess the government will be funding his lifestyle now

  2. I don’t think they are all that into funding Bearman.

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow and heer i thawt amerikan yungsters had an entitlement problem!!! ok bye

  4. Finally I manage to click the buttons here to read an horror story… I rather stick to my chocolate menu any day… Thanks for stamping my page I’ll see you around and hopefully in the right position that is if Dave not going to wet his bed again. Great Blog and I used to like chinese few minutes ago….

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