Wake Up The World Has Changed

When an Australian Jihadist lets his young son hold the severed head of a slain Syrian soldier and posts the photo on Twitter with the caption ‘That’s my boy’ ,we have to question what on earth is going on? Why are we continuing to let these type of people fester and spread their hatred in our country? Unfortunately, we live in this bubble of “politically correctness” that only works in one direction.  There is difference between multiculturalism and hidden agenda. Wake up people, the world has changed. When someone holds their religion above their family and places no value on human life (because they believe to die a martyr will get them a front row ticket to heaven) the ramifications are catastrophic. Unless we realise this, and start adjusting , we will be heading into a future of hell.

Psst And to those who continue to sprout “It won’t happen here”. Well, it already has!!!!


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8 responses to “Wake Up The World Has Changed

  1. To all you sick “Australian?”Jihadist bastards. Go fight your crap on your birth turf but don’t expect a ticket back to your comfortable war free zone here in Australia. I hope you and your off springs rot in hell in your shit hole. I say close the door to anyone leaving their adopted country to fight the wars in their home land. Do not even think of coming back here. If you have family here, they will be deported to meet up with you in your war zone. You are no longer welcome to call Australia home you vile pieces of shit…next…

  2. What is most concerning is there is no one respresenting the Muslim community condemning this … just the sound of crickets!!!

  3. celticqueen1

    I have been saying that for years but then I’m called a racist.

  4. It is true everywhere Loon. We cannot paint all Muslims with the same brush, just as we cannot paint all Jewish people with the Zionist brush or for that matter all Christians with the zealot brush. But those who are worthy of the name, they should be sought out, singled out and taken out of society.

  5. susi spice

    It is very concerning that the young Isis supporter here in Australia who had his passport suspended basically warned that Australia is now going to get retaliation for how “badly we treat” Muslims here. Additionally, he Australian Muslim guy in Turkey stated “the Islamic State is here and you can’t fight against it because it’s now the future of the Islamic regime and you need to accept it, respect it and suit to it” if u know what’s good for u.

  6. Fuck the lot of them Susi. They are all trouble capital ‘T’ . I don’t care what anyone says, I still reckon if the fcukin yanks had kept there nose out of everyone else’s business Saddam had some control over the other despots. Sure he was a arsehole but he had more control over the other arseholes around him. We are a hundred times worse off than we ever were now. We have Syria Iran Iraq and it’s never gonna friggin end. I can’t stand to even hear the word beheading ARGH!!!!!!! sends chills down my spine.

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