RIP Lauren Bacall

clapper-board-2Another Hollywood legend has passed away. Lauren Bacall died today of a stroke, she was 89.  Bacall was married to another Hollywood legend, Humphrey Bogart who died in 1957.


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4 responses to “RIP Lauren Bacall

  1. They made some of the all time best movies together.

  2. They sure did. There was an old Gary Cooper movie on the other day called Vera Cruz. Burt Lancaster and his pearly whites, Ernest Borgnine and a couple of other oldies. I couldn’t stop laughing but I did enjoy it. RIP Lauren you were great in your day.

  3. Good grief Loon, the bad news just keeps coming…

  4. Loon, this is so so sad. Always loved Miss Bacall.
    Oh, and she started an affair with Frank Sinatra right after Bogie died. She said in her autobiography that she was already becoming attracted to Sinatra, as Bogie suffered with his horrible battle, and loss, with cancer. Sinatra and Bogart were good friends and Frankie was one of the only people Bogie let in the house towards the very end. Frankie was the only one around that Bacall could discus her feelings with. Naturally Frank dumped Bacall and she was emotionally destroyed AGAIN.
    Bogie’s death ripped Bacall apart, but she could literally ‘smell’ death on him the last month or so.

    The woman has been through fame as a model, marrying Bogart -a HUGE star, when she was 19 or 20 and he was over 40.
    Fame, movies, love, heartbreak, love, heartbreak, screen star, Broadway star and award winner TWICE (once less that 10 years ago I believe-don’t quote on that), icon.
    I will miss her, and that voice.

    Thank you Loon. Lauren Bacall deserved your post.

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