Is Ebola Cure Only For The Western World?

What is this Ebola plague they speak of?

What is this Ebola plague they speak of?

OK, firstly let me just say it is great news that both Kent Brantly and Nancy Writbol have survived the dreaded Ebola virus. However, some things still concern me. Firstly, I am sure the pharmaceutical companies are more advanced in the cure for Ebola than  they are letting on. Reason? Well, ‘Lady al Qaeda’ the MIT-educated neuroscientist who is now spending 86 years behind bars in Texas was planning to explode a dirty bomb full of Ebola and chemicals when caught in 2008. The US government has known that the Ebola virus was/is part of terrorists arsenal, so of course they would be racing to find a cure . I am sure we don’t even know the half of it.

Secondly, if they can risk giving the new experimental antidote on “Western white people” why wouldn’t they have tried to save Dr. Modupeh Cole and Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan, two brilliant “African” Sierra Leone doctors who were leading the fight against the disease. I think the excuse and justification ie we only having a small dose of the  medicine , is probably a mis-truth  because a) they didn’t want  “Sophie’s Choice” scenarios and b) there is no money in it for them. Just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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3 responses to “Is Ebola Cure Only For The Western World?

  1. It would not surprise me that the US is behind the whole Ebola outbreak….count your Pharmaceutical penny’s on that one… A bit like Aids I guess. By the way whatever happened to that..Few if any people dying from it these days on the grounds that the US Pharmaceuticals have stopped feeding the patients AZT (zidovudine)…A World outcry stopped that US induced genocide. People just need clean water and veggies that haven’t been bombed with TNT.

  2. The cure is in tobacco leaves and creating it right now is a very long process. Do they have more? Likely. Do they have enough? Unlikely. So will they pick and choose? Yes.

  3. There is also some experimental vaccine that was partly developed in Canada, but it hasn’t been tested on people, and is in very limited supply. We did send some over there and they are planning to use/test it.

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