Upsitting Citizens

Airplane windowOh wait, what? A passenger who used a ‘knee defender’ device that stops airplane seats from reclining onto your knees has been arrested. Seriously, he should get a medal. Seems the woman in the seat in front cracked the sads after she discovered her seat wouldn’t recline and let the fur fly. She summonded the flight attendant who asked the man to remove the device and he refused so the woman threw water over him, resulting in the plane making an emergency landing and the two being thrown off . No charges were laid, but they are now cooling it off in Chicago, a long, long way  from their destination. Still no word on the whereabouts of ‘knee defender’.

Psst Evidently, all major US airlines have banned devices that stop seats from reclining….bastards!!!


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6 responses to “Upsitting Citizens

  1. celticqueen1

    Who should just be able to recline on top on you at a whim anyway? Ok if he’s good looking lololol.

  2. Love the Knee Defender. Use to be able to buy this one out of the airline magazines, now they have removed them. You can still buy them from Brookstone.

  3. Deb

    I’ve not flown much in my life time, but it seems to me the seat only recline about and inch, if that.

  4. susi spice

    I’m a recliner I don’t mind it. If you ask me nicely to sit up I will negotiate with you to a distance we can both live with. But if you start to push on my seat or kick it. Enjoy your face full of seat for the whole flight except for meal times. Then as soon as the food is collected back to full recline.

    I did this on principle on an emirates flight, the couple behind me didn’t ask me. the woman just kept pushing on my seat. At the time it was not at full recline at all. It was maybe couple inches. So after the fifth deliberate push I reclined to the full extent.

    It stayed that way from Dubai to Toronto except.for meal times.

    A couple times they moved my seat to upright position when I went to the bathroom, so I stood up, reclined the seat while looking straight at them.

    They stopped poking and pushing after a few hours. I wasn’t all that comfortable leant so far back.

    But I was standing up (hehe) for my right to recline and to teach them a lesson to just politely ask… Sobs

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