Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

Hello, I could have told you having 396 gallons of water dropped on you from a firefighting plane was not going to end well.  A man is now in a critical condition after he was kaboomed with a ton of water from a plane for the ice bucket challenge.


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5 responses to “Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

  1. It was only a matter of time before people would be hospitalised or die…it is the ultimate dickhead insane fund raiser of all times…it is what the world has come to…nuts.

  2. You think someone, at least in the plane, would know the force with which the dropped water hits the ground.

  3. Gotta admire this kind of stupidity…why bucket when you can pour whole lot more…always taking things to another level

  4. Just give a donation.. I hate bad hair days !!

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