WTF World?

embarrassedIf the outbreak of Ebola and the uprising of ISIS isn’t bad enough, Putin has warned the world , back off we have nuclear weapons. Seriously folks, I’m not sure I’m really ready for a nuclear war, in fact I don’t think I ever recovered from the emergency drills we had to do as kids at school in case Russia pushed the red button. Though after they showed us the movie Threads , it made hiding under a desk in a crouched position seem silly and futile, however it did escalate  my nightmares. Anywho, Preppers will be pleased and so too the bomb shelter making people.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World

3 responses to “WTF World?

  1. “It’s six o’clock, and here’s what you should be messing yourself over today” Seriously Loon, I just can’t watch the news anymore! O_o

  2. Psychos at play with each other…sick bastards….

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