RIP Joan Rivers

yellow-ribbonAnother comedy legend gone. Joan Rivers passed away today after her  life support was switched off following a heart attack last week. I remember when I was about 13 I bought a comedy album called “What becomes of a Legend” by some woman I had never heard of, I played that album until the grooves wore out. A few years back , when Joan was in her late 70s , I saw her perform live in Sydney. It was friggin hilarious. She was on stage for a good 2 hours and didn’t miss a beat. What surprised me the most was how much local and current events she had researched and used in her show.  Love her or hate her, she was a legend. Nearly all my favourite comedians are now gone, Freddie Prinze, George Carlin , Jonathon Winters, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. What a bummer.


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5 responses to “RIP Joan Rivers

  1. I actually think she forgot how old she was. RIP Joan , I hated your snipes at times but you had most people in stitches. Sad that you went out that way too. I’m sure you will be missed by many.

  2. Joan Rivers was a mean spirited evil witch. This was karma, that is all.

  3. Yeah but she wasn’t poor, lonely and short of friends. What a send off Woo Hoo!

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