Cop A Feel For Charity

old manTrust the Japanese to come up with “squeeze a porn star’s tit” to raise money for an AIDS charity. The group “Eroticism Saves The Earth”organised the telethon in which 12 porn stars offered their breasts to be fondled by fans in exchange for a donation. Hello , they  raised $25,000 and probably some blood pressures during the event.  One of the stars said “I never thought my boobs could contribute to society,”


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11 responses to “Cop A Feel For Charity

  1. Ok who’s first? It’s for a good cause I promise. Would I lie to you guys?

  2. I’m after you… in this case I don’t mind seconds lololol 😉

  3. OK. I am a male. What is this seconds stuff?? We are one and done!

  4. That’s it Mega Like my guys to be GUYS . Love handles, the works! Have you seen how white Asians guys legs are ????????

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