Orange Is The New Road Kill Color

Quick loons start making bright neon orange flags, you could make a fortune. A Florida city has placed a bucket of orange neon flags near a busy intersection in Fort Lauderdale with instructions on how to wave it around while using the crosswalk to avoid getting cleaned up. Yep, seems painting the crosswalk bright purple wasn’t enough for motorists so now they are turning to the pedestrians to make themselves more visible. The city is hoping to expand the orange flag idea to other dangerous intersections around Florida to avoid more pedestrian road kill.


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9 responses to “Orange Is The New Road Kill Color

  1. so do the flags read HIT ME?…

  2. We need them here in Dayelsford. I personally have nearly killed tourists. Our one and only crossing is so poorly marked I always forget to slow down. Tourists take their lives in their hands coming here. They should just stay home… more parking for us.

  3. Those will all be stolen by next week

  4. Or they could teach the drivers how to drive!

  5. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the drivers
    to open their eyes at these crossings? 🙂 lmao

  6. I was nearly hit on a crossing once & when I yelled at the driver to Open His Eyes he responded with “Get Stuffed!!!”. My stupid fault for using a highly visible white painted road crossing I guess

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