What could possibly go wrong?

embarrassedMove over Ice Bucket Challenge we have a new but deadlier game in town… yes, introducing the Burn the ISIS Flag Challenge. Islamic groups around the world, who have been horrified by the actions of IS are protesting online by burning the IS flag. The craze started after three Lebanese teens burned the  flag in a Beirut square in protest over recent beheadings. Good luck with that!


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4 responses to “What could possibly go wrong?

    • OK, I wouldn’t print one off the net…you may have ASIO a knock’n …just saying

      • Oh frig….I downloaded one of the net and now the door bell is ringing…why did the postman rock up in a black limo wearing a black suit and reflective mirror sun glasses???? Don’t they use bicycles and a fluro vest anymore? Ok… I won’t open the door….problem solved.

  1. It could catch on, actually if not careful it could catch on all over town… The fire brigade will be very busy that’s for sure, and probably flagging by the time they’ve finished… lol

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