Australia Is Now On High Alert

bomb-3OK, for a start what does that all mean? Well, evidently Down Under has four different levels ….

• low — terrorist attack is not expected
• medium — terrorist attack could occur
• high — terrorist attack is likely
• extreme — terrorist attack is imminent or has occurred

and today it was announced Australia is on High Alert, with the added and repeated reassurance that it is not by any means a “religiously” motivated move . Seems the government is worried that certain groups could feel offended by this action with Prime Minister Abbott  repeating “Nothing that I have said today … has anything to with religion. This is about crime, potential crime and combating crime.” Hmm, but then the ASIO chief David Irvine added that the move is based on a number of factors which have concerned security forces, such as the growing number of foreign fighters in the Middle East.

So here is where it gets even more confusing, if HIGH means a terrorist attack is likely, why would the Prime Minister then say “Essentially we want people to go about their normal lives,”  Seems to me that there is absolutely no reason to increase the alert if we aren’t suppose to give a shit anywho.

Sounds to me like Australia is going to be getting more involved in the Middle East conflicts and wants the freedom to be able to intercept phones and emails. High Alert has its perks.



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5 responses to “Australia Is Now On High Alert

  1. No comment…we are being watched.?Tooroo…

  2. Anonymous

    I’m about over it. Enough already !

  3. I certainly hope nothing happens.
    We live in interesting times.

  4. All around the world we are living in strange times. Personally I think these alerts are simply to make people behave badly toward their friends and neighbors.

  5. I hope ASIO is monitoring my comics. I need more readers.

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