All Browns

toilet 6OMG, seems an airplane dropped its mother load on a New Zealand woman’s car and by load I mean poop. Yep, the poor Kiwi (who lives along the Auckland flight path) woke up to the stench of human faeces and then later, after a bit of Sherlocking, found some nasty brown clumps covering her car.The woman’s response ‘The first thing when I walked out of my door this morning and I saw it, I thought an airplane shat on us. You open the door and it smells like shit,’. A former pilot and safety consultant claims it is an urban myth that planes can dump passenger excrement over houses unless there is a major leak, as modern planes use a vacuum system. Might want to sus out the neighbours or look for an enormous ostrich with diarrhoea, bro.


Filed under Friggin Gross, Thanks For Nothing

3 responses to “All Browns

  1. What a shitty posting Loon 😉 lmao xxxx

  2. The fact that it did happen in no way proves that it can happen!

  3. Holy “SHUT” loon lolol

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