Way To Burst A Bubble Man

Dude, trying to run to Bermuda in a plastic inflatable bubble is really cool if you actually succeed. Having to be fished out of the Atlantic by the Coast Guard because you ran out of oomph, that is just damn awks. When first found floating in his hydro pod bubble with his protein bars, bottled water and GPS the Iranian-born American refused to be rescued and instead asked which way to Bermuda. A few days later , totally knackered, he activated his emergency beacon and conceded the 1,033 mile run to Bermuda in 120 degree heat was simply silly. So much for raising money for children in need.



Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Well I Never

2 responses to “Way To Burst A Bubble Man

  1. Fraz would’ve made it. He has a lot of wheel running practice.

  2. Perhaps he should have included a compass.

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