Don’t Annoy The Nurse

An Italian nurse has been bumping off patients she found annoying. Oh and she had also been killing patients whose relis were annoying too. The nasty nurse was caught after potassium was found in one of her victims. After further investigation they discovered 38 patients under her care had died . One of her work mates said the nurse was basically a cold hearted bitch recalling how she had once given a patient a powerful laxative at the end of one of her shifts to give the other nurses an enormous mess to clean up .


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6 responses to “Don’t Annoy The Nurse

  1. susi spice

    Wow.. Psycho nurse..
    Even though a lot of patients are a pain in the ass, and family members can be very annoying and u wanna shake them and tell them to “suck it up princess, he isn’t dying! Get a hold.of urself woman the man just had trapped gas in his ass!”

  2. I’m glad they were on their toes and caught her before it got out of control.

  3. At least she sticks by her principles. Even if they are bad principles

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