Arachnophobia Got A Whole Lot Real

Cinema accidentally mixes up Madagascar with Paranormal ActivityHoly nuclear mutant spider, Batman. A scientist has stumbled across the most terrifying creature in the world in a South American rainforest . An enormous spider (the size of a puppy) with nasty barbs (that can turn into flying spears when it rubs its hind legs) and hardened claws at the end of its legs that make a clicking sound when it moves. Oh and did I mention its 5cm fangs? Now maybe the US army could breed and train them to scare the shit out of ISIS terrorists… just saying.

Want sauce with that?


Filed under Friggin Wildlife

4 responses to “Arachnophobia Got A Whole Lot Real

  1. They just found it? Where was it hiding?

  2. How very cool, will it walk on a leash with a collar or does it need a harness?

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay first black eyed kids and now this??? i am never leeving the bathroom agin!!! ok bye

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