Look What It Did For Van Gogh

OK, I thought cutting your earlobe off to protest was a bit extreme but it seems this is the same Russian artist , who last year, nailed his scrotum to the ground. The earlobe stunt is a bit of a come down, me thinks. Oh and just in case you were wondering, the Russian artist is Pyotr Pavlensky who was protesting about his country habit of  putting political dissidents in psychiatric wards. Ironic, considering that is where he’s heading.

earlobe artist


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2 responses to “Look What It Did For Van Gogh

  1. Oh there’s that “SCROTUM” word again. I’d love to know who the hell thought that one up.

  2. Well the ward, it should be healthy for him. He can paint and express himself. Perhaps a few anger management courses for him?

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