Suck In Up Preppers

Well, hello, finally!!!! A British company is selling Zombie Fortification Cabins…about friggin time. The starting price is $112,898 with a 10 year anti zombie guarantee. It includes barbed wire , reinforced windows, an escape hatch and a 360 degree viewing platform. An additional cost is charged if you want security cameras, protection gear and solar panels. OK, sure, it’s not pretty but its the price you pay for being zombie proofed. Hmm, I wonder if you need council approval? Health and safety might be a tad pissed about the barbed wire windows.

zombie cabin



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3 responses to “Suck In Up Preppers

  1. I doubt if it’s Wombie proof, though. Especially if there’s any chocolate in there.

  2. susi spice

    What if it turns out the zombies like to eat steel and iron and eat thru the shipping containers like gingerbread men??

  3. I do believe I will be spending my next pay on this one.

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