And You Are Worried About ISIS

embarrassedOK, here’s the thing. As we look on in horror at the actions of the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East, just south of the US border uber atrocities are being committed every friggin day. 43 children from a Mexican town vanish without a trace. Their crime? Protesting about the drug cartels. Their punishment? They were handed over to the drug gangs by none other than the city’s Mayor and his wife. A woman who tweeted about the violent crimes in her city to warn others, was kidnapped and murdered. The murderers then tweeted images of her dead body warning people this will be the consequences of anyone else considering doing the same. This is just in today’s news. Seriously people, we need to wake up and smell the drug cartels too!!!!


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2 responses to “And You Are Worried About ISIS

  1. susi spice

    Very good point. Totally agree. Reality check.

  2. People will stop at nothing when money is involved.

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