Should Have Had An Apple A Day

wolf in sheeps


Everything was going well at the funeral of a young Romanian doctor until word spread that he had died of AIDS. Enter hysteria. The funeral was attended by the dozens of women he had slept with but who had no idea he was HIV positive. Yep,needless to say that funeral went from sympathy to anger in a very short time. The following day there was an enormous line of over 40 women waiting to be tested. So far two have been confirmed.


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2 responses to “Should Have Had An Apple A Day

  1. That can only be if you believe in AIDS… The elisa test (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) which is the only test doctors perform to detect AIDS is just bullshit…I challenge anyone with the flu or pregnant to have an AIDS test (elisa test) done… yes sorry folks you would come up HIV positive… IN past so called AIDS patients where given AZT, a drug banned 40+ years ago on the grounds that it kills healthy cells giving the patients the effect of rotting away alive. They stopped giving patients AZT now and putting people on healthy diets AIDS is gone… read the book “World without AIDS” you may learn something… gee.. people are so gullible. Governments instill fear in order to control…. AIDS was one of them and gave the Americans the opportunity to use the red cross to inject half of Africa with AZT. A good plan to eradicate black people in other words genocide. Oh yes the pharmaceutical company producing the AZT is owned by no other than the Bush family…surprise surprise…. They are truely the horrible people Queeny…

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