The Amelia Earhart Mystery Finally Solved

AmeliaYesterday’s announcement that a piece of metal found on Nikumaroro (Gardner Island) in 1991 was part of Amelia Earhart’s plane is cold comfort. Seems poor Amelia and Noonan were stranded like the professor and Gilligan (minus coconut cream pies) on an atoll , 550km from where search planes were looking. Even more unluckier, none of the islands , including Gardner (which they believe Amelia and Noonan were on) had any fresh water. Experts are convinced the riveted metal that was found was attached to the fuselage of her plane. Along with the piece of metal, skin care products, a shattered cosmetic compact , a pocket knife, bottles and traces of a camp fire were also found. If both had survived the initial crash it would be unlikely that they would have survived very long without water.


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4 responses to “The Amelia Earhart Mystery Finally Solved

  1. It’s good that they finally have conclusive proof that that’s where they ended up, but it must have been a sad end for them. I was always fascinated with her, and did a school project on her.

  2. Finally, now we know. Sad end, or was it?

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay if only they had had a professor with them i am shoor he cud hav mayd sum sort of water kollekting deevice owt of palm fronds and abalone shells or sumthing!!! ok bye

  4. Michelle & I watched a movie about her a few months ago. Interesting that they’ve finally found something indicating what may have happened to them

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