You Have The Flu, NOT Ebola

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtOK, stop it. A woman who feared she had Ebola rushed herself to the nearest hospital but was promptly told it doesn’t count if you were in Africa TWO years ago. Oh and if you worked in Dallas but were nowhere near the Ebola patient, odds are you have a nasty flu. Seriously people, you are clogging up the system.

Psst Meanwhile the one person who could have it is riding around the town on a bike in defiance.


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6 responses to “You Have The Flu, NOT Ebola

  1. LOLOL Clogging up the system just like the druggies and their overdosing lolol.

  2. Maybe it was a recessive version of Ebola.

  3. I have a sniffle.
    Maybe I have…

  4. Actually I’d rather ebola ice cream

  5. I live in Dallas and it doesn’t even cross my mind.

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