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Happy Thanksgiving

Barbara Walters has chicken pox


November 28, 2014 · 12:22 am

Perth Breaks Krispy Kreme World Record

vomitFor crying out loud Perth, have you never seen a doughnut before? Our poor State has been continually denied Krispy Kremes while the rest of the world have relished the treat. I can’t count the times I have had to squeeze numerous boxes of them in the luggage compartment of the plane when leaving Sydney for my desperate family and friends.But no more Perth, you finally have a Krispy Kreme store and not just that, you have also broken the world record for the number of Krispy doughnuts sold on the first day …. 73,2000 people, 73,200. The store had to employ over 100 staff to serve the poor depraved Perth sugar addicts.

PSST One dude camped out for three nights to be the first Krispy Kreme customer. Silly billy.


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Actress Sentenced To 26 Years

granny arrestWell that didn’t go well. A Pakistani actress, her hubby and the owner of Pakistan’s biggest media group Geo TV have all been sentenced to 26 years in jail for participating in a staged marriage scene for a tv show. The big prob was, while the actress Veena Malik and her hubby were acting out a marriage scene for a TV show in the background a religious song about the wedding of the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter was playing in the background. That’s blasphemy right there.


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Hair Today, Psycho Ward The Next


I’m not the Messiah, I’m just a hair transplant surgeon

You know what I hate? When your hair transplant surgeon believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus and goes a little wacko at a 9/11 Memorial Museum and attacks someone. I really hate that. The surgeon in question has been suspended, sent to a psychiatric ward and now contemplating why god/ his dad hates him.

PSST  The dude  was also convicted a few years back of 19 counts of misapplying money in a case involving a tribal casino.


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Cat Piss City

Noooo, I need my pasties

Noooo, it’s not me

Welcome to New Castle, Pennsylvania where the whole entire city smells of cat piss. Yes you heard me , cat piss. So far no one has a clue where the stench is coming from but residents aren’t happy. The authorities think it maybe coming from waste water or a herd of angry c,ats.

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Arthur The Dog Ain’t Leaving

A hungry stray dog came across a group of Swedish extreme sport athletes during an event in Ecuador. He soon became besties and refused to leave their sides despite the extreme conditions. After the competition was over they arranged for the pooch to be  flown to Sweden to live happily ever after .


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Stay Safe People of Ferguson


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November 25, 2014 · 3:13 am