Something To Tell The Grandchildren

You know what I hate? When a real estate drone takes a snap of  you sunbaking in a g-string and then the pic is blown up and placed on a giant billboard outside your neighbour’s house. Gotta hate that! The shot was taken to sell the property next door but no one bother to crop the poor woman out. . Evidently people were having a right old chuckle before she realised it was her. Oh and to make the shame more real the image  also appears in the real estate magazine and on the real estate website.

billboard naked 1


Filed under Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

4 responses to “Something To Tell The Grandchildren

  1. ‘mount martha’

    is that a suggestion? 😆

  2. Can I get that in a life size Pho. Full color 3D Please Please Please.

  3. It could have been worse, she could
    have been wearing a rabbit outfit 🙂 lmao

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