Tell Me Your Lion

A safari went awkward after a bus full of 30 tourists broke down in the middle of a zoo park lion tour . Some brave fools risked life and limb to scramble onto another bus while the others stayed put. Unfortunately for them the driver, who had exited the bus, hadn’t put on the hand brake and the vehicle began rolling down a slope, much to the delight of the curious lions. Luckily, the bus driver was silly brave enough to run after the bus and apply the brake. No one was seriously injured in the incident but the animals had a good laugh.


Filed under Friggin Wildlife

3 responses to “Tell Me Your Lion

  1. The lions will have to plan something better next time.

  2. I see no problem the Lion’s need to be feed. Take them to swim with the great whites next.

  3. Were there any hyena’s?
    Actually I would have joined
    them in the laughter… lol

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