Paddington Bare

Whoa, the new Paddington Bear movie has been whacked with a PG rating meaning it is unsuitable for young children. Oh and the film censors have  advised it also contains sex and violence. It’s a kiddie movie for goodness sakes. Oh, but on a brighter note the British Board of Film Classification have decided to change their initial “mild sex references” to “innuendo”. Evidently a scene in the movie, where the character of Mr Brown disguises himself as a cleaning woman and flirts with a security guard,  raised a few eyebrows. I don’t know what adaptation of Paddington the film company have used but the BBFC have given the PG rating because of dangerous behaviour, mild threat, mild sex references, and mild bad language. Hmm, maybe Paddington has been hanging around Ted?


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4 responses to “Paddington Bare

  1. I guess this is the adult version.

  2. Political Correctness has gone to a new level of stupidity

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