Polly Want An Argument?


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11 responses to “Polly Want An Argument?

  1. That fucker sits on my fence all the time .” NOT BREAD FRIGGIN SUNFLOWER SEEDS OK!!! “

  2. I think the cockatoo won that one.

  3. That bird needs some serious speech therapy. Didn’t understand a word he said

  4. desk49

    spoken words does not always win the fight.

  5. I live a cockatoo, they can be obnoxious.

    • Yep, my dad had a sulphur crested called Shakespeare he kept at work. Whenever a woman walked passed the cage it would squawk “bitch”!!!! Evidently, the bird learnt the word from the numerous people who scratched his head and got bitten and screamed you ” bitch”.

      • Mine is one of the smaller ones a Citron, his name is Merlin. I have had him for 25 years. He used to be much more talkative but he got traumatized in the move back and forth to Singapore and hasn’t been the same since.

      • I have two Rainbow Lorikeets and they won’t shut up. When they hear my car keys they say “bye, see ya” and if I don’t respond they screech “Get out, get out”. They also call my cat by his name and laugh when he goes to the cage. I had to stop them watching American Idol because they would screech if they didn’t like a singer and would talk loudly amongst themselves of they liked someone.

  6. I refuse to have birds inside after having Rogie my budgie for 12 years. They never shut up lolol.

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