I Left More Than My Heart In San Francisco

poop mapOh dear god, more over dogs, San Francisco has a human poop problem. Seems since the city has cut the number of functioning public toilets the 10,000 homeless population have been forced to drop pants anywhere they can. There has been an estimated 4,000 complaints about human poop in the city. One concerned web developer even created a human poop map, entitled “human wasteland”, marking all the locations poop has been reported in an attempt to raise awareness about the situation.


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4 responses to “I Left More Than My Heart In San Francisco

  1. Thanks for that information. I’m eating a ham sandwich as I read this. Just glad I’m not having sausages for lunch

  2. I ‘ve always thought that San Fran stunk lol

  3. The most common thing a human does apart from eating is to crap sadly it is the last thing humans want to deal with or talk about. WTF with the human race.

  4. That’s not much of a tourist map.

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