Stupid Things To Waste The Australian Embassy’s Time

My bad?

My bad?

Attention Aussie travellers, here are a few things you should consider before ringing the Australian Embassy consular staff a) no, they won’t feed your animals while you are away b) they have no idea the best places to stay or eat c) they haven’t a clue which pubs televise AFL c) they will not report a traveller missing if you haven’t been able to contacted them in the first few hours of them arriving in a foreign country d) they won’t order you prescription medicine from Australia and send it to you while on holiday. Sheez, people. Evidently,  some Aussies who were evacuated during the Egyptian unrest asked if they were entitled to frequent flyer points, while others asked for a window seat or an upgrade to first class.

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3 responses to “Stupid Things To Waste The Australian Embassy’s Time

  1. oh dear that sounds like us Loon lolol.

  2. What about where the best foreign chocolate is?

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