The Trademark The US Office Rejected

How do you get rejected by the US patent office? Hmm, well try naming your product Comfyballs. Yes, the Norwegian undies company has been told that their brand name is way too “vulgar” to trademark. Oh for crying out loud, Comfyscrotum, yes, but Comfyballs…. come on. I suppose they should be grateful they don’t have a female range. 😯



Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Sore Loser

8 responses to “The Trademark The US Office Rejected

  1. Tony McGurk

    I so badly now want a pair just so I can show people the brand name.

  2. A brand name describing what the product stands for. Good thinking Norwegians…Idiot US patent office… That will be 3 pairs for me please….

  3. susi spice

    How about Comfibuls? Or Kumfiblz? Cumfibëlls? Your welcome Norway

  4. Tony McGurk

    Kumfynuts would’ve been more acceptable I think

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