Sydney Siege

yellow-ribbon I hope judges, lawyers and politicians take note. Until we tighten our laws this madness will continue. The Sydney Siege was NOT about terrorism or Islamic fanaticism, it was about happens when our judicial system fails us. This man should have been behind bars not behind a gun.

Bravo to the police who chose safety of hostages above that of the fake sheik.  Bravo to the media who chose the safety of the hostages over broadcasting the videos sent to their journos by the madman. Bravo to the public for choosing the safety of the hostages over the temptation to rant over social media. Bravo to the woman who posted #Iwillridewithyou on Twitter for choosing unity over  division.

Prayers and thoughts to those who lost their lives and to the families who mourn a senseless crime.



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4 responses to “Sydney Siege

  1. celticqueen1

    What a friggin night Loon and I take my hat off to your content about riding with them. Personally I’d like to see this country close it’s borders to Muslims and send the rest back. We are way too tolerant of everything they bring here including their insults in schools about Christmas, their need for segregation at our swimming pools. If they have enough money to build their mosques build pools along side them. I’m having trouble with them changing the landscape and the culture. Come… Stay… Fit in or fuck off. This arsehole was a refugee who fled persecution in Iran and look what he brought here? The young woman killed had three kids, was a lawyer with her whole life ahead of her. Now every Christmas the family will have to deal with this. Send them back as there are many more of this shit head type Muslim here waiting in line to kill and torture when the opportunity arises. It could be you next. These guys were just buying a coffee!!!! He should have been in jail for the murder of his wife and he’s walking our streets.!!!!! I agree OZ needs harsh penalties like The States. We are pussies and these two people killed are a result of our failing judiciary system.

    • I have been waiting for your comments :). I could so easily have been there sipping my mocha and scoffing down dark choccie Lindt balls. I still think this guy was a nutter not a terrorist. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Unfortunately we can’t put the genie back into the bottle but we can’t lose the Aussie identify for these low life scum. Remember the art of war …. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  2. A terrible event. I agree our courts are too weak when dealing with scum

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