Happy Christmas From Maximus



December 19, 2014 · 1:37 am

10 responses to “Happy Christmas From Maximus

  1. And the same from my Cami and Mr. Watson

  2. Celticqueen1

    He’s pretty maxed with his Christmas dress up. Merry Christmas paddy tatani

  3. Celticqueen1

    Lolol these phones write what the want. I wrote puddy tat

  4. Happy Christmas, New Years and all that Jazz.

    Poor Maximus, why did you do that to that beautiful kitty? He doesn’t look at all pleased with you right now.

    • Max loves to dress up. He wore the outfit the whole day (except for hat and tinsel). He is a Devon and has little fur so he has a large collection of t-shirts he wears when cold. Now Claudius, he’s a different kettle of fish. He will make you bleed if you so much attempt to put anything on him.

  5. Isn’t he the cat’s meow! Merry Christmas Maximus! And you, too, Loon.

  6. happy krismas to yoo too maximus!!! or posibly verry serprized krismas i am not entirely shoor!!! ha ha ok bye

  7. I think Dennis is right, he does look like it’s a very surprised Xmas. He has such beautiful big eyes, what breed of cat is he Loon???

  8. Red

    Happy Christmas to all of you.

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