North Korea’s Internet Down

computer woman 2Oo Oh, don’t mess with the US, Pongyang, or your internet might go poof!!!North Korea is currently suffering major internet outages following their hacking of Sony and Obamas threat to respond. OMG, I hope Kim Jong Un doesn’t have to restart Candy Crush, that would be a bitch. This may be the start of cyber attack wars. Dear lord, can you back up Flappy Bird?


Filed under Kim Jong Um, That's Gotta Hurt

5 responses to “North Korea’s Internet Down

  1. Oh Dear… lol
    Merry Christmas Tan
    and Happy New Year 2015

    Andro xxxx

  2. 김정은의 권리를 봉사

  3. 김정은에 대한 유감. 북한에 대한 유감. 사탕 호감 중독자에 대한 유감

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