Children’s birthday parties are so over rated

student 3 A 5 year old who was a no show at his friend’s birthday party was handed a bill for failure to show. The party, which was at the Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre, averaged out at about $40 a head. The kid had RSVPed he was going but later opted to spend the day with his grandparents after realising his parents had double booked . The father claimed they had no contact details to let the snowflake’s mother know his son would no longer going to be attending. The “No Show” invoice was left in the kid’s schoolbag. On the bright side he wasn’t charged VAT. The mother is now threatening to take them to small claims court if they don’t cough up.

PSST Seriously? First world problems love.  Kiddies should have been made to pay in advance if you had no show concerns.


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3 responses to “Children’s birthday parties are so over rated

  1. Wonder how many won’t go next year?

  2. And just where did this happen WHISTLER???

  3. My 5 year old with two left feet love going to Ski Slopes and Snowboard Centers to get his arms and legs broken for fun. Their 5 years old for God sake

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