The Art of Peeing Standing Up

toilet 6


Heavens to murgatroyd. It seems men in Germany men are not responsible for the damage made to floors from peeing standing up. You heard me. A judge has sided with a clumsy tenant who was suing his landlord for not returning his bond due to the pee stain damage on the marble floor around the loo. In his findings the judge said the landlord should have warned the tenant of the floor’s “sensitivity” to urine droplets.

PSST Dear god, Germany even has a word for men who wee standing up, it is “Stehpinkler”. Those who choose to sit are called “Sitzpinkler”.


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8 responses to “The Art of Peeing Standing Up

  1. griffin

    Well isn’t that just a pinkler!

  2. Hell just stick you foot in the loo and pee down your leg.
    It works for me.

  3. celticqueen1

    What next? Where I live they have another name for guys who sit down to pee lolll

  4. celticqueen1

    No Loon not women, well not in the true sense of the word lol.

  5. There’s no urine warning in my lease so I can remain a dedicated Stehpinkler

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