Aussie Knightmare

What the hell was he thinking? Bad enough the Prime Minister of Australia brought back knighthoods, criminal that he should bestow the first on Prince Philip (The dude that walks behind the Queen of England). Seriously, Abbott must be living in some sad little time warp where he is still prancing the corridors of Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship. What on earth would Prince Phil want with an Aussie knighthood? He can’t even get “King” on his stationary. I’m thinking “sir” might just be a massive cliff fall down from “prince” and at 90 something that is NOT what you want. Grow up Abbott, Australia already has.


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5 responses to “Aussie Knightmare

  1. celticqueen1

    I know what you mean and also the Australian of the year… pullease. Her son was murdered by his father and we have scientists and doctors are doing amazing things but nooooo. Who bloody well chooses this stuff.

    • I was shocked about that too. She won through circumstance. What about Moira Kelly who tirelessly works to give disabled orphans a home? I continue to roll my eyes over these awards.

  2. Imagine 90 year old Phillip clad in armour with sword drawn astride a horse galloping into battle… 😛

  3. Cute really. Come on maybe he is just trying to be relevant

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