Female Free Olympics Anyone?

Saudi Arabia wants to host the Olympics but with one catch …. NO women. Hello, the Middle Ages  rang and they want their ideology back.  Hmm, will there be 5 lashes for losing? Heavy sigh. Oooooh but don’t despair ladies , your events will still go ahead, but in Bahrain.


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5 responses to “Female Free Olympics Anyone?

  1. Will at least they’ll not have to have two sets of bathrooms.
    One sand dome fits all, or is that pom tree.
    don’t knock the burqa one can stand up pee and no one will know.
    other then the wet spot in the sand.

  2. How can they compete anyway when they’re still chained to the kitchen sink

  3. What a load of tosh…
    No women, no watch will
    be the battle cry of all
    those women’s athletics fans,
    I like the winter Olympics
    the best with skiing and the
    bobsleighing but hey what
    good is sport without the
    ladies being involved 🙂

  4. I AGREE life is so not cool without us gals

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