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Beamed Up

Actor has hands glued to do Vulcan SaluteTrekkies around the world are mourning the death of one of their favs, Leonard Nimoy. The man , who played the pointy eared Vulcan,  has now entered the final frontier.


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It Takes Balls To Date a Stranger

doctor_rushing_patient_on_gurney_lg_whtOh those Russians. A married Russian TV presenter got quite a surprise when he woke up, after spending the night with a blonde stranger, only to discover his testicles were gone. Hate that. Mr Nikolaev claims he woke up the next day with a mega sore crotch and blood all over his pants. Docs at the hospital where he was rushed  said whoever did it was very skilful. Police believe he was a victim of a black market gang who sell organs.


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Madonna’s Cape Fear

Oh dear, Madonna did a tumble at the Brit Awards. Awks and ouch!


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They Don’t Seem To Be The People Who Party

police 6OK, note to self , don’t put balloons shaped like the number 21 in the window. Seems the Swedes are a little hyper sensitive to anything that looks like IS (Islamic State). Yep, someone who read the balloons backwards called the cops. After a few hearty laughs the law enforcement officers asked for the balloons to be removed from the window.


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What could be worse than unveiling a plaque to a paedophile teacher after he died? Hmm, hows about inscribing it with the words “He touched us all”.


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Tight Undies Excuse

A Winnipeg MP caused quite a stir with his excuse for leaving his seat during a ballot.


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Watch Out For the Sink…….

A couple in South Korea may have a permanent fear of pavement after they fell through a piece. Damn you to hell sinkhole…


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