Land of the Giants

Lucky Perth, it”s hosting Giants. The oversized marionettes will be waltzing through the city scaring and enthralling the crowds over the weekend.  It cost over $5 million to entice the big old puppets to come play.

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant

Drenched Giant

Drenched Giant

Dirty Giant

Dirty Giant

Lucky Giant

Lucky Giant


On the move Giant



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7 responses to “Land of the Giants

  1. griffin

    That guy in the “Lucky Giants” photo would give Gene Simmons a run for his money!!!!

  2. Oh sleeping Giant
    What dreams
    Do you see

    Is it a soft rain
    Splashing down
    On the

    Were you all dirty
    And bath
    with great delight

    As one of your
    Children was born
    From you this night

    Sailing off
    to nowhere
    On that tinny boat

    I’m sure the kids with you
    Over five million
    Will gloat

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