Might Explain High Pregnancy Rates

Oh well, isn’t this a little embarrassing. Thai authorities are telling teens to stop bowing to peer pressure and quit buying condoms that don’t fit. Seems Thailand’s youth are buying large and extra large condoms to avoid being mocked. Problem is they don’t stay on.

PSST In Japan they use to brand the large ones Foreigner Condoms



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4 responses to “Might Explain High Pregnancy Rates

  1. During WW2, when the Soviet Union was on our side, we had troops stations there. When the first load of condoms arrived for the US servicemen (called ‘prophylactics’ back then), the Russians didn’t want to release them from customs, calling them an ‘Amerikanski Plot to take over Russia’. Finally a cooler head prevailed. The official had them all stamped “SMALL” and sent onwards to the US troops.

  2. and here I thought they all were XS and XXS. It saves on those silly rings.
    Great and here I could have been a Russian

  3. Maybe they should get bigger willies 🙂 lmao

  4. Haven’t heard them called Willies for ages lolol

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