Too Easy

Hmm, how do police discover an illegal marijuana farm growing in a housing estate in the Netherlands during winter?



Note to owners, don’t direct the lamps at the roof.


Filed under Thanks For Nothing, Whoops!

5 responses to “Too Easy

  1. Maybe they just like the thermostat set at 40 C.

  2. Not being on that side of the business one might ask what is room temp.

  3. LOL 🙂 Follow the HOT SPOT 🙂 lmao
    Have a Happy Monday Tan and hey
    I will be calling in with those Chocs
    and Champagne that I got for you,
    well it was Valentine’s Day over the
    weekend so ENJOY 🙂 😉

    Happy Monday Toooooooooo 😉

    Andro xxx

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