Your Pee Don’t Stick

Only a matter of time

The city of Hamburg has come up with an ingenious way of pissing on the pissers. The walls of stink that have engulfed some popular night spots (due to men relieving themselves on them) have now been coated with liquid repellent paint. You pee on them and it comes right back at ya.


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3 responses to “Your Pee Don’t Stick

  1. griffin

    This person replyed to this news item with some choice words.

    They should video them and then ticket, like we do with traffic cameras. East Village, are you listening? City Hall, there’s an untapped revenue stream for you.

  2. They need a repellent that flings dog crap back on the owners when they don’t pick it up! I hate taking a walk and dodging the results of a lazy owner.

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