This Is No Yolk

Oh my Bearman, it better not be YOU!!!!! Some poor elderly man in Ohio has had his house egged every day for nearly a year. Despite the police doing undercover stakeouts,  the culprits continue to pelt  his front door in the middle of the night. The attacks go for about 10 minutes and sound like gunshots. His house is now badly damaged from the continual bombardment of rotten eggs. The eggs have been tested in a lab and they have been traced to a local Amish farm.


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Ohio Home of Bearman

7 responses to “This Is No Yolk

  1. I think those stakeout guys must be sleeping on the job.

  2. Check their trunk
    lots of eggs can be hidden in the back of a cop car

  3. I’d be sitting up all night every night till I caught them.

  4. griffin

    Amish chicken farmer with a wandering wife?

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