Hollywood or Bust

Hold your coffee tight loons, this is what happens when a normal person tries to look like a superstar … A Chinese woman found out the awkward way when she bought a dress online that was similar to a dress worn by actress Jaimie Alexander to the Thor: The Dark World movie premiere in Hollywood.

clothes fail


Filed under Friggin Hilarious

5 responses to “Hollywood or Bust

  1. They both looked good
    The right better then the other
    No money would I need
    for her to be pleased

    I know this does not sound nice
    but sexiness is not always
    through a persons eyes
    only what the brain conceives

  2. I wonder where should planned to wear it? Must be around the house because she is also wearing slippers.

  3. The dress is ugly, no matter who is wearing it.

  4. I don’t see the problem. Probably because the photo on the right has damaged my retinas

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